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DBA Coverage Description

What Does DBA Insurance Cover Anyway – And Why Do I Need A DBA Insurance Quote?


Essentially, DBA insurance provides the following coverage or benefits:

It includes coverage for Medical Expenses and Medical Treatments with the doctor of the employee’s choice

It also includes some Death Benefits to the spouse of the employee or to the child of the employee – – and the payments could potentially be payable for life – – subject to increases due to cost of living adjustments

It also provides for Disability Benefit or replacement income up to a certain limit. The limit is normally provided up to 2/3 of the employee’s compensation

It also includes coverage for a Partial loss of income. The limit is normally provided up to 1/2 of the employee’s compensation. If you do not get a DBA Insurance Quote and it turns out you were required to carry this coverage, there can be severe penalties. As the employer, you could be held responsible of paying these benefits directly to your injured employee. Based on this scenario, we always recommend erring on the safe side by getting your DBA Insurance Quote.

A DBA Insurance quote is free and only requires you to complete a brief online DBA Insurance Quote application.